Why A DIY Paint Job Is A Bad Idea

Why A DIY Paint Job Is A Bad Idea

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Transforming your home with a new paint job is one of the easiest ways to spruce up the interiors of your home. If you opt to go down the do-it-yourself route, you may think that all you need is the right color, a paintbrush, a ladder, and you’re all set to reinvigorate your home. Unfortunately, most DIY enthusiasts realize once they’ve begun that painting your home is no easy feat and needs to be done by a professional. 

Truth to be told, painting a house, involves tedious work. Moreover, some paint jobs could pose a risk to your health and safety. To give you more clarity on why a DIY paint job is a bad idea, the experts at Quality Painting have listed three aspects that you should consider before undertaking a paint job. 

1. Certification to work on a ladder above six feet.
Painting a house is not an easy job, especially when you have to work at heights. To ensure safety while working at heights, the law in Ontario requires professional painters to be trained and certified to work on ladders above six feet, and above ten feet for scaffolding.

2. Equipment and tools.
Besides bringing quality chemical-free paints, mixers, and brushes, sturdy ladders and scaffolding are essential to painting the interiors and exteriors of a house effectively. Without the necessary equipment, you could end up with a shabby paint job that won’t last for too long.

3. Excellent skills.
A lot of customers attempt undertaking their own painting projects but soon realize that it requires much more skill than first anticipated. Professionals make it look easy because they are efficient at it. You become skilled in painting when you master the skills of painting.

There are about five essential skills painters must master themselves before offering their services to people. To paint efficiently, you must know:

1. How to cut in accurate lines.
2. How to patch and sand.
3. How to roll the walls.
4. Where to caulk and how to tape.
5. How to maintain quality control throughout.

There’s a science behind each of these skills. Instead of just slapping paint on the walls, our job is done in a systematic approach where we focus mainly on attention to detail. At the same time, we need to keep practicing to ensure our clients’ flawless results.

Do things right - Hire a professional
Professional painters are capable of doing a job that’s quick and clean. We take care of things a DIY’er wouldn’t notice. With our systematic approach, we can take care of the details very easily and bring out the effects you expect.

When choosing a painting company, make sure to select professionals who you trust and believe can do what you need without a hassle. At the same time, you have to make sure that their price is fair according to the work you want to be carried out.

Painting companies usually charge between $70 to $120 per hour, depending on the painting project. This typically includes two to three workers’ labor, equipment, and tools, wear and tear, and company overheads.

A lot of work can be completed in an hour, so don’t be fooled, should a company suggest a time frame that’s too long and costs too much. To verify the cost of a job, you can compare quotes with different experts. You can even speak to people who’ve had similar paint projects done to justify the costs as too high or too low.

At Quality Painting, we offer residential painting and commercial painting services across Essex County, Tecumseh, Lakeshore, Tilbury, Belle River, LaSalle, Amherstburg, Maidstone, Kingsville, Leamington, and Pelee Island. 

With over five years of industry experience, we can easily guarantee our clients quality services and peace of mind during each painting project. Safety is a significant priority for us throughout any ongoing project. We practice safe methods so that no one in the area is inconvenienced or disrupted throughout their day. Moreover, each of our painters is fully covered by liability insurance and compliant with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board’s (WSIB) regulations. 

At the same time, we offer all our clients precision, innovation, and efficiency. That way you can enjoy the joys of stunning, durable paint for many years.

To know more about our services, please visit our website. For a consultation with our painters in Ontario, please click here!

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