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If you feel your kitchen is due for an upgrade and needs a fresh look, refinishing your cabinets can make an incredible impact on the overall appearance of your kitchen. When you work with Quality Painting, you can expect all your cabinet carcasses, doors and drawers to be extensively prepared to achieve a factory-like finish. Your friends and family will admire your beautiful like-new kitchen.

Refacing your cabinets is much more budget friendly than getting new ones, even when including unforeseen expenses that might follow while you’re in the process of changing them.

Our work is carried out by skilled craftsmen, using the latest refinishing methods and technologies. The process involves minimal wear to wood surfaces, providing full renewal of kitchen cabinets. We clean your cabinets, remove dirt, grease, and other types of build-up. We further prime your cabinets to ensure proper adhesion, followed by the application of a finishing solution.

Door and drawer removal

We begin by taking off all the doors and drawers and removing the hardware. We will also be completing the in-home portion of your kitchen. This includes the cabinet boxes which are attached within the kitchen.

Removal of current finish – sanding

Correct prep work is important for a successful refinishing. Sanding a door could take 30 seconds or 30 minutes. However, we make sure to take the time to do it right.

At Quality Painting, we clean and power-sand all surfaces to remove the existing finish and maximize adhesion. This ensures the removal of all the residue that has eaten into the finish over time. You might wonder - how do they get into the contours of the door profiles for prepping? The sanding process is the only way to end up with cabinets that will last you a long time and be resistant to chipping. The process might take up time and hard work, but it’s worth all the effort it takes to get a good quality refurbishment. You will never take a gamble with us and hope you don’t end up with a permanent mess on your hands, this we can guarantee.

Filling and caulking

Open gaps and nail holes simply do not look right on freshly painted cabinets. We make sure to caulk open gaps on your cabinet boxes and trim the molding to make everything look solid and complete by the time it is finished. We examine all the doors throughout the process and fill any joints or blemishes that require it.

Dust free

All our power sanding is done with a high powered vacuum attachment on the sanding tool so that there is no dust circulating around your home. Customers always appreciate our work for how clean the process is, and for that reason, the kitchen doesn’t need to be contained.

Getting that factory finish

The key to achieving an amazing factory finish on your cabinet doors is in the environment as well as the technique. We spray your cabinet doors in a properly ventilated space with a controlled climate. Optimal temperatures ensure that the coating can dry and cure properly. You will never see a run or drip on your doors either. These problems do not happen with us.

After the preparation is the priming of the prepared surfaces with the necessary coatings of our premium primer. This will seal the wood and allow for excellent adhesion of the top coat. The right primer is also a key factor in the final appearance of the finish.

Next, we hand sand the surfaces smoothing out the finish to prepare for the final coat. We then apply two or three coats of our finishing product. After the doors are complete, each one is examined to be sure it is up to our standard.

When we bring your doors back for installation, it’ll look better than new!

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